Prevent specific water problems with REGALĀ® supplements. The perfect complement to your pool care regimen, REGALĀ® offers a variety of supplements including cleaners, clarifiers and stain removers.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Removes dirt, scale, oils, and grease for maximum efficiency

  • Greatly improves filter life and efficiency resulting in clearer water and lower maintenance costs
  • Should be used at least TWICE A SEASON for maximum performance
  • For use on all types of filters
Super Klear Plus

Super Klear Plus

Super concentrated water clarifier that leaves dull, flat water sparkling clear

  • Quickly clears cloudy water
  • Super concentrated for maximum efficiency
  • Should be added WEEKLY to promote superior filtration and reduce stress on your sanitizer
  • Works with all types of filters
Super Floc

Super Floc

Clears dull or cloudy water by settling suspended particles to pool floor for vacuum removal 

  • Improves filter efficiency, which will lower overall costs
  • Clears troublesome cloudy water quickly
  • Treats up to 40,000 gallons
Metal Out

Metal Out

Prevents stains and discoloration caused by metals in the water

  • Promotes better filtration to reduce overall costs
  • Should be added on a monthly basis to protect your investment
  • Controls calcium build up in the filter plumbing and on pool surfaces
Stain Out

Stain Out

Removes stains caused by metals & minerals 

  • Safe for vinyl, plaster, fiberglass and tile surfaces
  • Multiple use formula product that is extremely effective in removing both metal and mineral stains
  • Easy to use


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